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iot data acquisition system(idas)

q developed and manufactured by kaifa, one stop solution  for esd monitoring.

q handles resistance data for personal wrist/body band systems, wristband wear status for on-duty staff, ground resistance data for equipment and facilities, balancing ionizers voltage data, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, and real-time alarm data. 

single fan smart ionizer

the smart ionizer developed and manufactured by kaifa is capable of adjusting balanced voltage. it is equipped with display, alarming, communication functions to realize the real-time testing through network to enhance the product's reliability.

new energy system

q through our highly reliable products and feature-rich designs, we provide professional, efficient, and value-added products and services focusing on energy measurement and management. we also focus on effective energy applications.

q we started our utility metering business in 1995 and cover such fields as intelligent instrumentation (electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, electrical measuring instruments), power automation (electricity energy information collection and management system, power distribution automation, power quality management), and alternative energy access management. we have provided professional, efficient, and value-added products and services to customers across china, europe, north america, south america, asia, and africa through our capabilities in highly reliable product design and large-scale electronics manufacturing. to date we have exported more than 40 million smart meters. 

q highly reliable product design:

ÿ r&d staff: more than 210 individuals.

ÿ laboratories: reliability testing laboratory, advanced smt laboratory, advanced machinery laboratory, materials science laboratory, esd protection laboratory, calibration laboratory, and esd testing laboratory.

ÿ we offer products including advanced smt production lines (fuji, siemens, and omron aoi), automated pcba, automated testing, ultrasonic welding, laser nameplate technology, and automated packaging. 

q our capabilities: 

ÿ to improve the level of automation management, our solutions assist power grid management in various advanced ways, including automatic collection of power data, automatic transmission, and automatic processing; monitoring electricity in real time, detecting abnormalities in the electricity supply, providing statistical analysis and management of power consumption, and analyzing power transmission losses in power service coverage. 

ÿ besides energy data collection, the system can also integrate a variety of energy data, such as data from electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters, a/c meters, and so on, into a complete energy collection system, delivering an integrated energy metering and calculation management.

ÿ our prepaid model for solving issues in payment automation, load control, late electricity bills, and other areas assists electricity management departments in reducing operating costs.

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q we specialize in the development, production, and sales of products related to intelligent automatic control, digitization, and network control. we provide various functional models and perfect embedded solutions to best meet the needs of individual users.

q to develop an automated manufacturing line and equipment that is intelligent, labor efficient, and highly efficient overall, we are dedicated to providing specialized technical research in manufacturing and assembly with a focus on the refinement and enhancement of production processes.

q at kaifa, we also provide various services and solutions for automated equipment technology, high-performance equipment, automatic intelligent production lines, and more. we have already developed approximately 2,500 devices.

equipment automation