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about us

   shenzhen kaifa technology co., ltd. (stock code: 000021) is the world’s leading electronics manufacturing services (ems) provider. we serve customers worldwide along the whole industry chain, including in technology r&d, process design, production control, procurement management, and logistics support. we were listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in 1994. kaifa is one of the core enterprises of china electronics corporation,and have been ranked on the “top 500 enterprises of china” and the “top 100 industrial enterprises in shenzhen.”

    established in 1985, we have more than 30 years of experience in product manufacturing. our 15,000-m2 cleanroom (from class 10,000 to class 100) houses more than 150 surface-mount technology (smt) production lines. headquartered in shenzhen, china, we operate ten r&d and manufacturing bases located in china (shenzhen; suzhou; huizhou; dongguan; chengdu;chongqing and guilin), malaysia,  and philippines, occupying a total area of more than 490,000 m2. at the same time, we have branches or r&d teams in more than 10 countries or regions, including the united states, the united kingdom, the netherlands, india, singapore, and hong kong. currently, we employ more than 25,000 staff members.

  at kaifa, we provide r&d and production services for computers and storage, communications and consumer electronics, semiconductors and ic packing, medical devices, automotive electronics, commercial and industrial products, automation equipment, utility metering systems, and internet of things (iot) systems. caitian park (shenzhen) is an industrial storage park commissioned by the shenzhen municipal government, featuring a complete magnetic recording industrial chain. we have great expertise in core manufacturing technologies such as magnetic heads with hard disk substrates.  as one of china’s advanced communications and ems providers, our manufacturing technology services assist many global brands, realizing an annual output of 50 million smartphones. we are well known as a chinese exporter of smart meters and control systems, with exports of high-end smart meters to europe, south asia, and southeast asia totaling 44 million units. we are also known as a chinese manufacturer of semiconductor storage modules, with an annual output of 30 million units. furthermore, we are a leading enterprise in packaging and testing dram/flash memory, with a production capacity of 45 million units each month.

  kaifa is a national high-tech enterprise with specialized laboratories accredited by the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas). thanks to our excellent engineering capacities in technical areas such as reliability testing, materials analysis, advanced machinery, thermal simulation, smt, and esd protection, we are recognized as the engineering technology center of guangdong province and the public technology platform of shenzhen.

    as the world’s leading ems and odm provider, kaifa is constantly advancing toward its vision, to be a reliable and respectable enterprise.