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2016-12     "shenzhen science and technology" newspaper won the "shenzhen city top ten enterprise news", "good news second prize", "good layout second prize" and other 2016 annual shenzhen outstanding media awards.
2016-12     won the shenzhen city computer industry association awarded the "social responsibility award" and "excellent supplier award."
2016-11     we won several outstanding supplier awards, including “the best quality partner award” from huawei,   
                                                           the “supplier recognition award” from maxwell technologies,           
                                                           and the “excellent performance award” from nova lumos.
2016-11     shenzhen city to create a water-saving city leading group awarded the "water-saving advanced units."
2016-7     we ranked 347th on “2016 china’s top 500 listed companies” by fortune magazine (chinese version).
2016-6       we ranked 12th on the “2015 top 100 shenzhen industrial enterprises.”
2016-4       we received the second prize from the china electronics cooperation (civilian goods) for scientific and technological progress award for our research project “research and application of key control technology for precision mechanical and electrical intelligent manufacturing: advanced machinery and ultra clean control technology.”
2016-3      we once again received the “quality excellence award” at huawei’s quality conference for end users and customized suppliers.
2016-2      china electronics "2015 annual safety production special action award"
2016-1      we were recognized as the “2011-2015 model enterprise among central enterprises for legal publicity and education” by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac).
2016-1      won the shenzhen computer industry association four honors.


2015-12    the smt office of our solid state storage business was awarded the “2015 national trusted quality team.”
2015-11    we received three awards from our client huawei: “core supplier silver prize,” “best quality award,” and “lean production award.”
2015-09   we received praise from the china electronics science and technology committee for our research achievement “research and application of key control technology for precision mechanical and electrical intelligent manufacturing: advanced machinery and ultra clean control technology.”
2015-06    we acquired intellectual property rights and certification of our management system.
2015-05    was awarded "shenzhen special industrial park (information storage)"
2015-04   we were awarded as the “2014 guangdong province outstanding independent brand.”
2015-03    won the third prize of china electronics 2014 enterprise management innovation achievement;
2015-02   we received third prize for the “national quality technology award” for our project “research and application of electronic assembly process and reliability.”
2015-01    we were recognized as one of the “2014 top 500 guangdong manufacturing enterprises.”


2014-12    official website won the "most investors welcome the website of listed companies," "the best information disclosure of listed companies website", "the best investor relations interactive platform"
2014-12    we ranked 30th on the “2014 top 500 guangdong manufacturing enterprises.”
2014-12  "extreme anti-static requirements of the ion fan and on-line anti-static system research and development and application of" technological achievements were "2014 china electronics society science and technology award" scientific and technological progress third prize
2014-09    futian district, "safe cell engineering standards unit"
2014-08    won the "futian district fire safety and civilization demonstration community to create units" award
2014-08    we were ranked among “china’s top 500 valuable brands.”
2014-08    we were honored as an “exemplary enterprise on china’s foreign trade export leading index (eli).”
2014-04    we were named resmed’s “first certified supplier” worldwide.   
2014-03    won the "fukuda district, the fourth mayor quality award" 


2013-12    we ranked among the “2013 top 100 shenzhen enterprises.”    
2013-09    we were recognized as resmed’s “best supplier.”  
2013-07     we were listed among the “2013 china’s top 500 enterprises.”    
2013-06    won the "national may 1 labor certificate" 
2013-05    four lean management projects approved "2012 china quality association quality technology award excellence project" 
2013-05    won the "shenzhen city in 2012 advanced unit of water saving" title 
2013-05    great wall development of power equipment energy-saving renovation project approved "shenzhen circular economy and energy-saving emission reduction demonstration project"  
2013-04   "deep technology" reported "2012 shenzhen times excellent business newspaper" title  
2013-04    we were ranked among the “2012 top 100 shenzhen industrial enterprises.”      
2013-04    guangdong youth work learning service station (guangdong provincial committee of the communist youth league, human resources and social security department of guangdong province) 
2013-03    wage collective consultation advanced unit (shenzhen city trade union) 
2013-02    our subsidiary’s phase ii development of an infrastructure project in suzhou was awarded silver for the “pioneer award” under the “leadership in energy and environmental design (leed)” by the u.s. green building council (usgbc).  
2013-01    won the shenzhen city computer industry "2013 innovative enterprises"、“2013 environmental protection and energy conservation enterprises "title  


2012-05    by the shenzhen industrial park (information storage 2012-2014)   
2012-05    won the 2011 shenzhen media award 
2012-03    we were listed among “china’s quality and trustworthy enterprises.”   
2012-01    won the national six sigma management to promote the tenth anniversary of outstanding enterprises (2002-2012)   


2011-11    won the china excellent enterprise culture construction communication award (collective) 
2011-09    we were named a “shenzhen famous brand.” 
2011-08    guangdong province by the model of labor relations and harmonious enterprises  
2011-07    won the guangdong province harmonious labor relations advanced enterprises 
2011-06    won the shenzhen city computer industry in 2010 the most growth award 
2011-04    won the 2010 advanced unit of energy saving in guangdong province 
2011-02    chinese enterprise newspaper good news award 
2011-01    we ranked among the “2011 top 100 shenzhen enterprises.”    


2010-12    we were listed among the “top 100 shenzhen enterprises” for the eight consecutive year, ranking 14th.  
2010-12    we were honored as a partner by zte for a production capacity of one million cellphones each month.   
2010-11    we won seagate’s “2010 supplier award.” 
2010-09    great wall development won the "top ten quality innovation in guangdong province advanced team" title 
2010-09    we once again received the “national excellent taxpaying and turnover performance enterprise with foreign investment.”    
2010-08    our “power management platform for a variety of protocols and modulations” was certified as a “national key new product.”       
2010-08    we were recognized among the “2009 shenzhen advantageous enterprises for intellectual property rights.”   
2010-08    our independent research and development of the patented invention, a “fiscal cash register (invention 203),” as well as the designs for a “water meter” and “concentrator” received national patents.         
2010-08    great wall development won the shenzhen city "industry health model unit" honorary title   
2010-06    great wall development for six consecutive years and then futian district, "tax hundred enterprises" title   
2010-06    we ranked among the “2008 top 100 guangdong enterprises” and “2008 top 100 guangdong industrial enterprises.”    
2010-04    the company won the smta china2010 high tech conference best paper award and best report award       
2010-03    lean six sigma project won the lean six sigma project award "lean six sigma leadership award".   
2010-03    great wall development list of guangdong province through train service key business list   
2010-03    we ranked 10th in the “2009 top 100 shenzhen industrial enterprises.”       
2010-03    the company won the "wage consultation mechanism construction and the signing of collective contract work advanced collective" title   
2010-02    company reported "deep science and technology" for five consecutive years won the excellent magazine media award "ten excellent business newspaper"    
2010-01    company trade union won the shenzhen city trade union "wage consultation mechanism construction and collective contract work advanced collective" title   
2010-01    we were named a “2009 shenzhen quality and trustworthy member enterprise.”  
2010-01    the company was awarded the futian district, shenzhen, safe production and management "a-class enterprises" units  
2010-01    we were awarded samsung electronics’ “appreciation plaque.”    


2009-12    we ranked 14th on the “top 100 shenzhen enterprises” for the seventh consecutive time.   
2009-11    the company 16th access to the "national foreign investment double gifted enterprises," the title, in addition, also won the "outstanding members of the enterprise" title  
2009-11    the company ranked in 2008, "shenzhen efficiency industry hundred enterprises" 15th  
2009-10    the company was rated as the first industrial field in cairo north shenzhen city, "occupational health demonstration units"     
2009-08    the company's first paper in the smt industry was rated as the best paper at the annual breakfast reception at the smta china and hong kong chapter  
2009-06    won the 2008 futian district, shenzhen, one hundred taxpayers list  
2009-05    the company won the 2008 annual foreign advanced enterprises in guangdong province second prize  
2009-04     we were ranked among “shenzhen progressive enterprises (units)” from 2006 to 2009.    
2009-03    our caitian park (an information storage industrial park) was recognized as a “shenzhen specialized industrial park.”     
2009-03    we ranked 9th on the “2008 top 100 shenzhen industrial enterprises.”     
2009-01    shenzhen city, the industrial system to carry out collective bargaining proposals for advanced collective work  


2008-12    company party committee won the shenzhen city in deep work unit unit system "advanced grassroots party organization"  
2008-12    shenzhen municipal committee of the shenzhen municipal committee of the communist party of china party building work objectives management responsibility system examination excellence award   
2008-04    “kaifa” was once again named among “shenzhen famous brands.”    
2008-04    the company's "six sigma management management law to enhance the level of human resources management" won the third china human resources management award gold award  
2008-04    company "hsaafa general tooling design project" won the fifth "national excellent six sigma project" title  
2008-04    our analysis and testing center was certified by the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas).   
2008-03    company newspaper "deep technology" was named "2007 shenzhen outstanding corporate press"  
2008-03    we were rated as a “key enterprise for funding in technological innovation.”  
2008-03    we ranked 10th among the “2007 top 100 shenzhen industrial enterprises.”     
2008-02    our development of magneto-optics with payton technology (shenzhen) co., ltd. received approval as a class-a enterprise.     
2008-01    we ranked 20th among the “2007 top 100 shenzhen enterprises.”     


2007-12    we were recognized as a “2007 national excellent taxpaying and turnover performance enterprise with foreign investment.”       
2007-11    suzhou company was identified as high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province  
2007-11    on the list of "shenzhen city hundred hundred benefits" 28  
2007-10    won the "shenzhen city talent to grow a good business" title  
2007-09    was identified as shenzhen processing category "a-class" credit business  
2007-08    公司“hsa& our “hsa & afa general tooling design project” won the “six sigma award” at the hong kong society for quality (hksq)’s quality management convention.     
2007-07    was named "2006 shenzhen city, injury prevention advanced unit"  
2007-07    we topped china securities journal’s ranking of the “2006 top 100 enterprises.”     
2007-07    list of top 50 industrial enterprises in guangdong  
2007-05    won the 2006 futian district, shenzhen, the top 100 taxpayer  
2007-04    we were named “guangdong’s most trusted enterprise.”         
2007-03    we were ranked among the “top 10 shenzhen manufacturing enterprises in supply chain management and innovation.”  
2007-02    company reported "deep technology" won the "2006 annual corporate newspaper rookie award"  
2007-01    we ranked 19th among the “2006 top 100 shenzhen enterprises.”     


2006-12    we were named as a “national foreign-invested enterprise.”      
2006-12    we received a silver award at the fifth award ceremony of “new record-making enterprises in shenzhen.”   
2006-11    we were named a “2006 progressive national promoter of six sigma.”     
2006-10    we ranked among “china’s top 1,000 large-scale enterprises” and “top 500 enterprises by competitive strength” in 2006.    
2006-10    industrial engineering won the title of "central enterprise learning red flag team"  
2006-08    we ranked 84th among the “2005 top 500 chinese enterprises in import and export.”    
2006-06    won the community party building advanced units  
2006-05    woofang district was awarded civilized units  
2006-05    we ranked 84th among “china’s top 100 listed companies.”      
2006-05    2005 futian district, the top 100 taxpayer enterprises     
2006-04    shenzhen was rated as the most talent growth value of enterprises  
2006-03    won the first shenzhen city to abide by the labor law "model enterprises" award  
2006-02    selected in shenzhen customs customer coordinator system enterprises  
2006-01    "quality management system and 6-sigma method to enhance the level of enterprise management" by the sixth session of the shenzhen municipal enterprise management modern innovation achievement award  
(information regarding awards prior to 2006 is left unlisted)