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specialized lab and technical support

 established in 1992, the technology development and central laboratory (analytical testing center) currently consists of six specialized laboratories and two engineering divisions covering advanced machineries, material analysis, simulation analysis, reliability and failure analysis, cleanliness control, electrostatic control, and other specialized areas. in addition to the headquarters lab, our satellite labs currently operate all over the world, including in china (suzhou, huizhou, and dongguan), malaysia, and thailand. our labs provide full services in consumer electronics devices, storage memory products, semiconductor chips, medical devices, smart metering, and other business lines. our lab services include material analysis and testing, diagnosis and solutions of surface mount technology (smt) defects, data collection and analysis for production process control, innovation and improvement of production processes, and reliability testing and evaluation. in particular, we enjoy a leading industrial position in integrated solutions for electrostatic discharge (esd) controls, micro-pollution controls, and clean production, as well as such areas as mechanical vibration and resonance test analysis, stress and strain test analysis, and smt defects.




reliability lab

       our reliability testing laboratory was established in 2000 and accredited by the china national accreditation service for conformity assessment (cnas) in 2003 for sound detection, analysis, and testing capabilities to ensure quality and reliability in electronic products, materials, and components. it offers a one-stop service covering product reliability analysis, reliability test program development, test execution, post-experiment failure analysis, and improvement proposals




material science lab

       in 2007, the materials science laboratory was accredited by the cnas. with a variety of advanced surface analysis instruments and physical and chemical analysis instruments, this laboratory can perform various forms of testing, including surface analysis and materials characterization, cleanliness and chemical analysis of electronic products, and micro-pollution control. our lab’s ample experience in product failure analysis and cleanliness control is well recognized in industries worldwide



advanced smt labs

        our advanced smt lab is a specialized laboratory established to meet the needs of advanced electronic assembly services. it provides effective testing services and engineering support including non-destructive testing and destructive testing, micro-structural analysis of solder interconnects, physical analysis of device damage, and quality assessment of welding technology and incoming materials.




esd lab

     our esd control laboratory can provide a complete set of engineering and technical solutions for esd systems installed at production sites. our intelligent real-time monitoring system, which was developed in-house and operates at a leading international level, can help a single operator monitor an entire static room.



advanced machinery laboratory

     the advanced machinery laboratory has a doppler laser vibrometer, hp dynamic signal analyzer, material universal testing machine, pcba stress and strain testing equipment and simulation workstations, etc., for product design and development to provide mechanical, vibration, simulation, dynamic test analysis through its technical support and engineering services.


calibration laboratory

     the calibration laboratory’s calibration capabilities cover the four majors specializations which are length, thermal, mechanical, and electrical, and can be used to solve the problems in the use of instruments in a timely manner.


interdisciplinary r & d team

      interdisciplinary r & d group has ansys, icepak, mathworks variety of simulation and calculation software, and can provide professional multi-physics simulation analysis or joint project development. 

failure analysis engineering group

      the failure analysis engineering group provides a full range of failure analysis services at the system level, the pcba soldering interconnect and component levels, providing customized analysis processes for different product and failure modes, providing system analysis, interconnection analysis, and device analysis. analysis of the object involved in consumer electronics, medical electronics, commercial and industrial electronics products and other industries.