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test technology

image recognition technology

with the mature image recognition technology, kaifa is capable of providing the core technical modules for the product testing and the design for testing devices:

q detection technology solution of barcodes/ label’s quality

q quality detection based on video capturing

q optical testing technology of pcba components

                         optical testing for pcba

rf test

q gsm/gprs/cdma/lte,2g/3g/4g, gps

q bt/ble,wifi,zigbee module

q nfc,rfid

                              2g/3g/4g test                                                  bt/ble test

automatic platform of micron level testing

automatic high precision measuring platform for structure dimension is an independent developed platform, which can be introduced to fast customization of the online measuring and testing devices. 

q multiple axis automatic control system

q micron-level automatic optical location technology

q measuring and testing technology of micron angles etc.

               automatic platform of micron level testing