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smart manufacturing

system architecture
starting from the “ china manufacturing 2025” strategy, kaifa build the high-efficiency, flexible, intelligent and high-integrated smart factories by self-developed smart manufacture system.

generic technology
generic technology is the technology that has been or will be applied in many fields and the outcome of the technology can be shared and influence one or more industries’ technology development level/quality and efficiency of manufacturing.
kaifa owns the following generic technology in ems industry: 
q esd technology and solutions
q clean room technology and solutions
q aseptic production technology and solutions
q stress-strain management and solutions
q vibration control and management
q efficient grinding and polishing technology
q soldering technology and assembly technology
esd solution
esd (electro-static discharge) influences every aspect of ems production capabilities, product quality and reliability. it is the most dangerous enemy in ems industry. kaifa owns over 30 year’s experience in esd control and has initiated several technical standards in this area with patented technology.
q esd turnkey solution: can provide the scheme of total esd system buildup based on ansi/esd s20.20smart esd monitoring systems and related products: 
q smart esd monitoring system

clean room technology solution
we can provide one-stop service of clean room design, optimization and evaluation, etc.. kaifa owns over 30 year’s experience in clean room technology and initiated several technical standards in this area with many patented technologies.

                              clean romm evaluation                                         clean room equipment

q clean clothing design and evaluation
q clothing cleaning process design and evaluation
q clothing cleanliness test and certification

                                 garment cleaning                                          garment cleanliness test
aseptic production technology solution
clean production micro-pollution control technology
kaifa provides clean control solution for clean production, include micro-contamination identification prevention.
q contamination reduction design and optimization for process flow and production line layout.
q micro-contamination reduction solution for the facilities, fixtures and tools
q identification and control of organic and inorganic particle contamination

control solution for robot’s micro-contamination                              control solution of fixture’s micro-contamination

aseptic production control solution
we provide the total technology solution of aseptic for medical products, can provide service belwo: 
q certification service of cfda and fda
q design, evaluation and certification of aseptic production
q buildup and verification of sterilization process
q aseptic monitoring and control for production and environment

          aseptic workshop                                              aseptic test                                                              micro-organism test

precision cleaning solution
with the precision cleaning technology (deionized water cleaning technology, solvent cleaning technology, etc.), kaifa provides cleaning solutions for materials, fixtures, semi-finished products or finished products. the solutions were granted of the science progress award by the china electronics and the chinese institute of electronics. kaifa is also known as the standard maker of the clean class of hdd industry.

electronic adhesive solution for electronic assembly
adhesive and adhesive bonding process is important to electronic assembly. we can provide the following service: 
q adhesive selection and application evaluation
q making process of adhesive, include process parameters, equipment section, etc.
q evaluation of adhesive strength and reliability
q failure analysis and ca for adhesive

high speed precise adhesive dispensing solution
miniature electronics manufacturing requires more precise and faster adhesive dispensing process. our adhesive dispensing solution can meet the demands and is helpful to the dmf and manufacture of your new products.

efficient grinding and polishing solution
we can provide total solution of grinding or polishing process for the ceramic, sapphire, glass or aluminum materials and grinding and polishing solutions for all kinds of metals and oem service.

special soldering solution
we have turnkey solution and capability of pcba assembly to provide service for many international and domestic well-known enterprises, especially the special solutions below: 
q low temperature soldering solution: for the high temperature non-resistant components soldering. 
q local area reflow solution: suitable for micro-area soldering with high speed and good reliability

          low temperature soldering for fingerprint module                           local re-flow for hdd hsa assembly
stress-strain management
in the production process of pcba, the inferior craftsmanship can cause excessive stress and it can result in the crack of solder balls, the damage of components, the warping of bonding pads and other problems. kaifa is capable of providing technical solutions for stress-strain control in the process of production.
q investigation of the stress-strain risk of the craftsmanship
q force analysis of the welding spots of the products
q management and optimization of stress-strain

vibration test and resonance modal identification
vibration and resonance issues are very important for structure design. kaifa can provide related tests and computer simulation/analysis to solve the issues.

                                                 laser doppler vibrometer (ldv)                                                     structure's resonance simulation