quality  policy

  • continuous improvement is our basic business principles.
  • to consistently satisfy external and internal customers' needs and expectations by providing high quality products and services with competitive price. 
  • to meet regulatory requirements related with the operation and products.
  • to cultivate quality awareness throuth training all employees the necessary skills,knowledge and attitude.
  • to value and develop on long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.


 environmental  policy

  • conforms to relevant legislation and other requirements.
  • achieve green production by reducing material waste, energy waste and properly disposing scrap material.
  • assure good working environment in order to attain safe production and employee health.
  • conduct safety training to employees to understand the company environmental policy, to enforce environmental knowledge and to implement environmental protection.
  • review the environmental management system periodically to achieve continual improvement and prevention in environmental impact.


 occupational health and safety policy

  • create a healthy & safe working environment by emphasizing on the occupational health and safety of staff and other interested parties, and injury prevention and illness
  • comply with legal & regulation and other requirements related with ohs
  • advocate human resource focus, encourage total employee involvement, carry out various publicities and trainings
  • establish the objective and target according the hazard identification, related legal, continuous improvement and the other requirements
  • achieve long-term development goal through periodic audit on ohs and continuous improvement


 social accountability policy

  • comply with statutory and regulatory requirements on labor, environment, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility.
  • shall not engage in or support the use of child labor, involuntary labor or any forced labor.
  • eliminate discrimination of human rights, prohibit humiliation.
  • take appropriate measures to control the risks on environment, occupational health and safety, and labor practice.
  • respect the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • arrange reasonable working hours and holidays, provide fair remuneration.
  • secure smooth communication, protection of privacy, elimination of revenge.
  • build a harmonious society through energy-saving, emission reduction and environmental protection..
  • achieve win-win development through integrity management, information disclosure .
  • provide diversified training to employees.
  • continual enhancement on social responsibility system through periodic review.


 information security policy

  • to prevent the information unintentional use and leakage, manage the information with appropriate methods based on the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • to meet regulatory and stakeholders requirements related with the information security.
  • to cultivate information security awareness through training all employees the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • to continually improve the performance of information security management, establish applicable objectives and implement the effective controls according to the information security risk assessment principle.


 intellectual property policy

  • comply with intellectual property laws and regulations and other statutory requirements of relevant  authorities.
  • protecting intellectual property and prevent from infringing other’s intellectual property or being infringed by other’s.
  • encourage to innovate and strengthen the capability of creating intellectual property.
  • improve the status to the customers on the strength and capability of intellectual property management and creation.


 c-tpat policy 

  • the starting point of the "prevention of terror" antiterrorism security work. companies in the work of anti-terrorism to take anti-personnel, physical defense, technical anti-trinity of preventive measures, and strive to curb illegal and criminal acts in the planned phase, the accident nipped in the bud stage
  • the "guiding ideology to ensure protection of security work. security work positions wide, long lines, heavy task, based on "prevention of terror", do security work in key sectors and key parts.
  • the "fight against terrorism" anti-terrorism security work basic tasks, the fight against crime is the extension of preventive measures, inquiry, investigation and confirmation of suspicious, to take timely action to further improve the preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of similar problems, improve the level of security.
  • the "protect the overall security" is the ultimate goal of anti-terrorism security work. the establishment and implementation of the anti-terrorism management system, in order to protect the security and stability of the whole company, and to protect the interests of customers and supply chain security, counter-terrorism work through the anti-terrorism management system management and improvement, to achieve the ultimate goal.