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• kaifa entered the field of semiconductor storage in 2003 and established a mature ic modular production technology.

• in 2004, kaifa entered the field of integrated circuit packaging and testing, mainly engaged in packaging and testing services for high-end memory chips (dram, nand flash). we currently offer a one-stop service for ic packaging, testing, assembly, and distribution for memory chips. we offer significant cost advantages and flexible in capacity to respond to our clients’ needs. our products are mainly divided into four major types, including wbga, lga, fbga-ssd, and sip-emcp. we are capable of producing dram, emcp, sip, ssd, and fingerprint sensor packaging.

• in 2014, kaifa entered the field of led-chip testing and sorting to offer our clients high-quality led-chip testing and sorting services. we have since introduced more than 300 units of the industry’s most advanced testing and sorting machines, giving us the capacity to test and sort 70 billion led chips per year.

kaifa has a complete sets of in-house memory testing line covering products of all quality levels. we offer cost-effective testing services to customers. we are the only company offer t5503hs high-end testing machine in china, capable of testing ddr4 memory. 

• under the guidance of the “national guidelines for the development and promotion of the ic industry,” china’s ic industry has maintained steady overall growth and has recently entered a period of accelerated development. kaifa has obtained the “national encouraged qualifications of integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise”.