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kaifa is one of the world’s largest specialized manufacturers of communication and consumer electronics products. we offer our global mobile communication product clients services such as material procurement, smart manufacturing, testing, assembly, logistics, and after-sales service. these contributed us a core partner of the world’s top 10 smartphone brands.

• we have more than 80 smt lines for communication and consumer electronics production. we equipped with advanced 01005 component pick and place technology, pop, cop and flip chip technology processes. our industry-leading production equipment employs services such as selective-wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering, automated glue dispensing, x-ray inspection, 3d solder paste inspection, aoi (2d/3d automated optical inspection), semi-automated assembly lines, etc.

we have a strict esd control (1x10^6ω) production environment and fully digitized smart factory manufacturing execution system (mes). this allows us to execute production fully automated and offer excellent quality electronics manufacturing solutions for leading global communication and consumer electronics clients.

• we have more than 20 years of communication and consumer electronics production experience. satisfied client’s needs, product delivery service and quality are core values of our quality management and control system. we have been recognized multiple times by the global top five smartphone manufacturers with best supplier awards for special contribution, best quality partner awards, core partner awards, achievement awards, and more.