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• kaifa involved with the commercial and industrial fields since 2001. we have more than 15 years of low-volume high-mix production experience with various commerce and industry products. we offer material procurement, production, testing, packaging, logistics, and other value added services. adopted a flexible and efficient production process to deal with quickly changing customer needs. we have a variety of experience in different products including with new energy super-capacitor modules, server-integrated industrial controller, projectors, smart-home products, payment products, wearable devices, and many other kinds of products.

• kaifa has a wealth of experience in product production, including new energy super capacitor module, server integrated industrial control panel, projectors, smart home, payment products, wearing equipment and other products.

• kaifa offers clients odm, jdm, dfx, test development, and other reliability testing services during the product manufacturing process. we provide flexible supply-chain solutions, a high-end professional production environment, a professional project team to guarantee minimal risk during the production process, competitive manufacturing costs, and offer a quick time to market program in order to ensure maximized profits for our clients. 

• we have been recognized many times with multiple outstanding supplier awards and supplier recognition awards from leading global super-capacitor suppliers and an outstanding supplier award from the largest global projector manufacturer. this recognition stems from our fully automated mes production system, real-time esd monitoring and control systems, our fully automated smart management and manufacturing, and our quality management and control system, the core values of which are satisfied clients, product service, and service quality.