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• kaifa entered the field of automation research and development in 1997 in order to satisfy internal production requirements. we focused on achieving functional automation from 1997 to 2004. from 2005 to 2010, we achieved high-efficiency production automation. 2010 onward, we focus on the research and development of highly reliable automation equipment and smart manufacturing solutions.

• we have integrated our own industrial advantage of researched and developed automation equipment in hard disk drive head production, including a completely automated smt backend production line, assembly, testing, glue dispensing, uv cure, and soldering. in the field of communication and consumer electronics, we offer pcb board dispensing, labeling, visual inspection, smart automated line for pcba backend process testing, and a smart automated line for packaging and testing.

• we adopted advanced erp system supported by an mes management system and real-time esd monitoring and control system. this allows us to offer our clients smart manufacturing and technology services, covering research and development of testing equipment, product design, precision tooling and fixture design, and manufacturing.

• fueled by the chinese government’s “made in china 2025” strategy, kaifa’s automation business is ushering in an exceptional development opportunity. in the field of smart manufacturing, kaifa currently has a strong comprehensive advantage and has already developed into an automation solutions provider and integrated equipment manufacturer.