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• kaifa was established in 1985 in the shekou industrial zone. our original business, computer hard disk drives, has since grown steadily.

• in 1986, kaifa became the first specialized manufacturer of second-generation composite computer hard disk heads in china. we are currently the only chinese-owned disk head manufacturing company in the world, mainly producing gmr heads, smr heads, and other product series.

• in 1996, to vertically integrate our disk head business, we begun aluminum-substrate product manufacturing service. kaifa is currently the world’s only chinese-owned aluminum-substrate manufacturing enterprise. we utilize advanced production equipment and advanced mes production control system to provide aluminum substrate of various sizes for high-precision recording media market.

we equipped fully automated, high-precision head stack and disk substrate production facilities. kaifa’s own intellectual property rights, world-class cleanroom (class 100-10,000) with high esd control standard, industry-leading resonance and contamination control technologies - these competencies make kaifa a core enterprise in the computer hard disk drive industry.

 we have won best quarterly supplier awards from various clients multiple times for our experience in manufacturing engineering and highly secure quality-control system.