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• kaifa entered the automotive electronics industry in 2016 seeking to accelerate the development and innovation of the automotive industry. the automotive industry is currently going through a major transformative chapters in history. china, india, south america, and other areas are emerging regional automotive electronics markets extremely quick. in order to respond to the rapid global changing markets, kaifa offers clients high-quality, competitive production manufacturing services in the automotive electronics industry.

 kaifa certified for ts16949 and offers advanced production and networked inspection equipment, including selective-wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering, automated glue dispensing, online x-rays inspection, 3d spi (solder paste inspection), 3d aoi (automated optical inspection), and other industry-leading production equipment. we guarantee the reliability of our products to customers and provide a rigorous quality inspection service.

• we provide automated smart management and manufacturing through a computerized mes production system and real-time esd monitoring and control system. going forward, kaifa committed to pursue new manufacturing process on new energy and automotive power control, safety control, communication and entertainment, and vehicle electrical systems. we will use our rich experience and advanced technology to offer clients our production manufacturing services.