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• kaifa started utility metering research and development project in 1998. in 2000, we signed a €1.5-million smart-meter cooperation agreement with an italian electric utility provider, becoming the first chinese-italian technology export project.

in the utility metering systems industry, kaifa’s product range includes smart water, electricity, gas, and other metering system solutions, product packages, and value added services. we have rich experience in research and development, and large-scale manufacturing. we employ a group of talent possessing multilingual marketing team with international business experience, research and development, testing, manufacturing, and quality control. we possess a world-class manufacturing facility and fully equipped laboratory facilities. furthermore, we value customer satisfaction and service quality as the core of our quality management and control system.

 kaifa offers clients customized total solutions to meet their varied business needs. we offer a wide range of services including product design, production planning and delivery, and after-sales service. annual shipment over 10 million electronic meters. we have obtained the respect and trust of many national-level public energy institutions across europe, asia, americas, and africa. kaifa continue to successfully deliver professional, efficient, and high-added-value products and services to the utility meter market.

• kaifa committed on energy metering and management system development, specifically energy-efficient applications. our vision is: “committed to global metering innovation”!