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• kaifa, based on our own rich experience in the mobile-phone production field and advanced workshop control technology, began research and development on the internet of things in 2006.

• in the sensor, rfid, identity analysis, and industrial control fields, as well as other specific technical fields, we have already seen results from certain of our intellectual property rights. our esd protection system – kedas, and rlts systems have realized industrial applications. we are increasing our research and development in the general structure of the internet of things, including data and semantics, identification and security, and other basic technologies.

• the kedas esd protection system that was independently researched and developed by kaifa can perform data collection and online real-time monitoring for the electrical resistance of human body anti-static wrist-strap systems, the grounding status of equipment, and balanced voltage of ionizers display on a dashboard. the industry-leading kedas system is primarily used for mobile-phone manufacturing and other high-precision electronics production. the system provides complete esd protection to globally recognized mobile brands’ high-end products, realizing real-time esd monitoring of the production floor and increasing product reliability.

• the kedas system has already obtained the 3rd class national science and technology progress award, 2nd class china electronics technology group award, 1st class corporate science and technology progress award, one invention patent, and two utility model patents.